Why Florissant Valley
went the Demers route.

Florissant Valley FPD is a sprawling district of nearly 80,000 residents located on the outskirts of St. Louis, MO. With three firehouses, paramedics additionally serve as full-time firefighters. When the department was ready to purchase three new ambulances, Chief Medical Officer Mark Flauter put together a committee and the search process began.


Part 1: The Decision


Part 2: The Prebuild


Watch a behind-the-scenes video
of the ambulances in production.


Part 3: The Inspection


Part 4: The Delivery

“Ergonomics, construction of the box, attention to engineering, all the little details, those were big selling points for us.”

-Mark Flauter, Chief Medical Officer

“The ambulances look like they’re engineered well, and when you find out how they’re constructed, it all comes together. Demers was far superior to anything we were able to look at. When you couple that with customer service, it was really a no-brainer.”

-Ryan Kostel, Firefighter & Paramedic

“Safety is what drove us to Demers.”

-Brian McHugh, Firefighter & Paramedic

“We knew about Demers being proactive in the industry, with a high commitment to safety as well as ergonomics.”

-Mark Flauter, Chief Medical Officer

“We looked at other companies. Demers just kept popping up above everyone else. The quality, the workmanship, the stuff we saw was great. We just couldn’t say no.”

-Andrew Krato, Firefighter & Paramedic