Getting down to it up at the factory. The prebuild.

In May, 2015, Florissant Valley FPD Chief Medical Officer Mark Flauter and his ambulance selection committee traveled to Demers headquarters to work with the team and start hammering out the design for four new ambulances. Florissant Valley FPD serves 80,000 residents and is located on the outskirts of St. Louis, MO.


Part 1: The Decision


Part 2: The Prebuild


Watch a behind-the-scenes video
of the ambulances in production.


Part 3: The Inspection


Part 4: The Delivery

“The first trip, in a word…fantastic. There was focus on every detail, making sure everything was correct and the way we wanted it.”

-Mark Flauter, Chief Medical Officer

“The hospitality was incredible.

-Brian McHugh, Firefighter & Paramedic

"We got a tour, then sat down with the engineers and went through absolutely everything on the ambulance. Things I never thought about.”

-Ryan Kostel, Firefighter & Paramedic

“We went through many departments, piece by piece, line by line, with our ambulances. I know people from other departments who built ambulances, that’s where they were kind of upset, that they didn’t get that opportunity. No decision was made without us being a part of it. That was huge for us.””

-Brian McHugh, Firefighter & Paramedic

“They showed us the ins and outs of the factory and how they do things, how it’s not just about making money but having us understand the importance of what they’re doing and why. It’s the Demers name, the quality and what they represent.”

-Andrew Krato, Firefighter & Paramedic